New SAT Scores …

… will make it even harder now for Harvard to discriminate against Asians.

Inside Higher Ed reports this morning that “SAT Scores Are Up, Especially for Asians.” It added that “The growing gap between scores of Asian Americans and others was also evident in this year’s ACT scores, on which all groups showed declines except for Asian Americans.”

Here is Inside Higher Ed’s table showing the new scores by race and ethnicity:

Average SAT Scores by Racial and Ethnic Group, 2018

Math Evidence-Based
Reading and Writing
Total 1-Year Change
American Indian 480 469 949 -14
Asian 635 588 1223 +42
Black 463 483 946 +5
Latino 489 501 990 no change
Native Hawaiian 489 498 986 no change
White 557 566 1123 +5

Say What?