Virginia Democrats: Dumb, Dumber, And Even Dumler

27 year old Democrat Christopher Dumler was elected to the Albemarle County, Virginia, Board of Supervisors in November 2011. In October 2012 he was arrested on charges of forcible sodomy, a felony, and released on a $50,000 bond. On January 31 he pled guilty to sexual battery, a misdemeanor, and he begins a 30 day jail sentence on March 8. A felony conviction, but not a misdemeanor,  would have allowed the Board to remove him, and so on February 6 the three Republican members voted in favor of a resolution requesting Dumler to resign. Dumler abstained, but the two other Democrats on the Board opposed the resolution. He has refused to resign and remains on the Board.

And why not? Everybody knows that only Republicans can wage war against women. Sexual battery, and presumably even forcible sodomy, don’t even qualify as skirmishes when done by Democrats. As Scottsville resident Dolores Rogers asserted in Dumler’s defense at the Feb. 6 Board meeting while urging him not to resign, “We as a nation have a long history of flawed leaders.”

With so many flawed voters like Ms. Rogers, it’s a wonder we don’t have even more flawed leaders.


Albemarle County surrounds the city of Charlottesville, whose Democrats are also a piece of work. Here’s a post of mine from 2006 that demonstrates their unique devotion to “diversity:

Old Dominion Dems Decry Diversity!

29 April 2006

The Hook, a weekly newspaper in Charlottesville, has an article in the current issue leading up to the city council election next Tuesday whose dramatic headline asks:“Countdown: Can Dems Retake Council?”

I’m tempted to say that question is sooooo Charlottesville, but I’m afraid it’s rather typical of Dems these days (in Charlottesville, like many other places, “Democrat” and “journalist” and “editor” are synonyms.) What, you must be asking by now, bothers me about that headline? It’s this: “retake” suggests the Democrats, now in a minority, may be poised to regain a majority on the city council. Isn’t that what it suggests to you?

Wrong! The current make-up of the city council is 4 Democrats and 1 Republican. When that one Republican, Rob Schilling, a very bright and appealing transplant from southern California, was elected in 2002, he was the first Republican to be elected to the city commission in 16 years, and is still the only one. The Democrats have launched a frenzied attack to unseat him this year.

Thus, as The Hook’s odd and misleading headline neatly reveals, to Charlottesville Democrats “retake” means ousting the only Republican and returning to a council that is made up only of Democrats.

And these Democrats, mind you, are true-blue, college town Democrats. As such, they are all such firm believers in “diversity” that they believe achieving it is important enough to justify discriminating against some people based entirely on their race or ethnicity. (That’s what racial preference requires.)

In short, the Democrats all stand for “diversity.” But they can’t stand it on the city council, where they prefer the easy harmony of lockstep, one-party groupthink.

Say What?