Puzzled Penn Politics Professor

To see what puzzles Penn politics professor Adolph Reed, author of an offensively atrocious OpEd in the New York Times today, please read my “Short Take” at Minding The Campus, Puzzled Penn Politics Professor.

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  1. CaptDMO December 20, 2012 at 3:59 pm | | Reply

    So negros (and I guess other “other than caucasian” folk) who don’t toe the approved agenda set fourth by
    “other than conservitive” folk simply aren’t “black” enough, and members of the “Democratic” Party have entirely reformed to be (“politically” at least) correct?
    I’ll agree that a “token” (at least partial)negro is handy to have around when “RASIST” is elevated to knee-jerk rebuttal in (allegedly) intellectual criticism, or say…peer review.

    And Russias current-50 below winter PROVES what all (UN approved)”scientists” agree on AGW, and I must give “progressive” Socialists “extra money” to redistribute “fairly” to international “green” initiatives.

    Has some elite minority group of academics declared that Wikipedia/Urban Dictionary are NOW the approved source of record?

Say What?