Politico, 25 October 2012 6:25PM

Obama: ‘We could lose this election’

CHICAGO — President Obama warned campaign volunteers Thursday that he could lose the election if they don’t work hard through Election Day.

“This is going to be a close election, so we just got to work really hard over these next 12 days. If we let up and our voters don’t turn out, we could lose this election,” he told a couple dozen campaign volunteers and staffers at a campaign office on Hyde Park Ave., near his home here.

Politico, 25 October 10:50PM

Obama hasn’t given any thought to losing

President Obama struck a confident tone in an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams, saying that he didn’t expect to lose the election to Mitt Romney and hadn’t given the possibility any thought.

“I intend to be president for another four years,” Obama said when asked by Williams if he had at least entertained the possibility of losing.

“The truth of the matter is, in my family what we’re thinking about is making sure that Malia and Sasha are doing their homework,” Obama told NBC in an interview that aired Thursday on “Rock Center.”

“There will be plenty of time over the next four years to consider how I can be a productive citizen in a post-presidency,” Obama said.


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