The Obamian First Amendment In Black And White

On Pajamas Media, Hans A. von Spakovsky points to a new and troubling example of Obama’s racial double standards, the renomination of James E. Graves to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Graves, currently a justice on the Mississippi Supreme Court, was nominated and recently renominated, von Spakovsky points out,

despite the fact that Graves’ votes in three different disciplinary cases involving Mississippi judges show that he looks at alleged misconduct differently depending on the race of the perpetrator. While Graves strongly condemns racist and other discriminatory attitudes and language by white judges, he tolerates and finds acceptable the very same type of distasteful and sordid attitudes and language by a black judge. He apparently believes that while the First Amendment protects black judges, it has its limits when it comes to white judges.

Read the whole thing for the particulars.

At least Obama is consistent: he consistently nominates judges and appoints legal officials who support racial double standards.

Say What?