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Will Jews Continue To Support Democrats Despite Obama/Kerry Betrayal?

In my recent post, “Are Jews The New Blacks,” I wondered whether Jews would continue to support Democrats as slavishly as they have in the past, including the recent past. Although it is obviously too soon to say, apparently many influential Democrats are worried and are rapidly attempting to put some daylight between them and Obama’s […]

Are Jews The New Blacks?

Every since Daniel Golden’s The Price of Admission and Jerome Karabel’s The Chosen: The Hidden History of Admission and Exclusion at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, and in many other sources such as Ron Unz’s influential “The Myth of American Meritocracy,” Asians have been described as the “new Jews” because, like Jews in the past, they are now […]

Enough Is Enough! Bipartisan Hypocrisy

Yesterday the Supreme Court heard two cases in which black plaintiffs claimed that Virginia (Bethune-Hill v. Virginia State Board of Elections) and North Carolina (McCrory v. Harris) discriminating against them in the way they created “majority-minority” legislative districts. “The claim made by black voters in both states,” the Associated Press reports, “is that Republicans created districts […]

Criticizing Racial Preference Is Not “Begging The Question.” In Fact …

Regarding my letter to the editor in the November 27 Washington Post (discussed below, here), a good friend here in Charlottesville — I’ll call him Bob — responded: I think you’re right…almost.  It begs the question though about what is the morally responsible thing to do about social and economic effects lingering from having had […]

Democrats, Blue Collar Whites, And My Washington Post Letter

I have a letter to the editor in today’s Washington Post about the Democrats’ long forgotten but recently rediscovered interest in blue collar white (mainly male) voters. My letter is, in part, a reply to a November 23 Wash. Post article by Charles Lane, “What will it take for Democrats to woo the white working class?” Lane’s article, which […]

Two Washington Post Articles In One!

Philip Bump’s “The Fix” column in the Washington Post, November 21: Headline: “Donald Trump’s favorability ticks up as perceptions of the election drop” First sentence: “In the wake of his surprise presidential victory, Donald Trump’s favorability ratings have spiked upward.” (NOTE: The “two-in-one” meme is, er, borrowed from James Taranto’s “Best of the Web” online […]

Almost Black

“Even if you can’t remember his name (and who but an Indian could?),” I begin my review on the Pope Center site, “you may be familiar with Vijay JoJo Chokal-Ingam’s story as told in his recently self-published Almost Black: The True Story Of How I Got Into Medical School By Pretending To Be Black. Whether or […]

(Former) Lynchburg School Board Member Is A “Fearful Moron”

Lynchburg school board member Jenny Poore just resigned to shield the board from “blowback” caused by her “profanity-laden anti-Trump Facebook post.” Poore, who recently had refused to take the Pledge of Allegiance opening school board meetings out of opposition to police killings, wrote, along with many similar diatribes,  “f— you and your s—– straight white man […]

Is Colorblind Equality On The Trump Agenda? It Should Be.

Ross Douthat asks today, “Can Trumpism Survive A Trump Administration?” He notes that Trump’s “revolution was so sudden and sweeping that it raced ahead of itself, capturing the White House without having any of the plans and personnel and foot soldiers that actually operationalizing Trumpism would require.” “Trumpism,” he suggests, is itself rather inchoate, in part because […]

An (Unwittingly) Successful Attempt At Anti-Trump Humor

[NOTE: This post has been slightly revised] “The Five Stages of Trump Grief,” by Alexandra Petri, who writes the Washington Post‘s ComPost blog (“a lighter take on the news and opinions of the day”), would be funny if it were good-naturedly mocking those like our best friend in Charlottesville (formerly best friend?) who refused a […]