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Race, Sex Discrimination Against University Administrators

Here is the lede from my recently posted Minding The Campus piece on paycheck unfairness: The College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) has just published an extensive research report on pay and representation of racial and ethnic minorities in higher education administrative positions that ought to be a bombshell, documenting as it does widespread […]

Feminist Math

I encourage you to take a look at my short piece on “Another Breakthrough In Feminist Mathematics” that appeared today on Minding The Campus. Roger Clegg wrote to ask whether my daughter, Jessie the physicist, had helped with it. I replied: ” Alas, no, or it would have been better. But I’ll send it to her […]

Be Careful What You Ask For

In “Obamacare, Abortion and the Ease of Extremism,” Megan McArdle discusses “how much easier it is to hold radical opinions when you have no hope of passing legislation.” She makes a powerful if familiar argument that much of our current extreme partisanship “began with the sweeping decision in Roe v. Wade. At a stroke, the […]

Universities And The “Undocumented”

I was in college across the Bay from Berkeley when the Free Speech Movement erupted on that campus. I recall a headline, probably in the San Francisco Chronicle, announcing at one point that UC Chancellor Clark Kerr would “crack down on off-campus non-students.” I thought at the time that doing so would be unrealistically ambitious, […]

DeVos “Divisive”?

No one has written more incisively and even-handedly about controversial issues on campus than the Chronicle of Higher Education‘s Peter Schmidt. Thus it was both surprising and disappointing to see him describe Dept. of Education nominee Betsy DeVos’s recent statements about Title IX enforcement as “divisive.” “Divisive,” according to the New Oxford American Dictionary on […]

Will Jews Continue To Support Democrats Despite Obama/Kerry Betrayal?

In my recent post, “Are Jews The New Blacks,” I wondered whether Jews would continue to support Democrats as slavishly as they have in the past, including the recent past. Although it is obviously too soon to say, apparently many influential Democrats are worried and are rapidly attempting to put some daylight between them and Obama’s […]

Are Jews The New Blacks?

Every since Daniel Golden’s The Price of Admission and Jerome Karabel’s The Chosen: The Hidden History of Admission and Exclusion at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, and in many other sources such as Ron Unz’s influential “The Myth of American Meritocracy,” Asians have been described as the “new Jews” because, like Jews in the past, they are now […]

Enough Is Enough! Bipartisan Hypocrisy

Yesterday the Supreme Court heard two cases in which black plaintiffs claimed that Virginia (Bethune-Hill v. Virginia State Board of Elections) and North Carolina (McCrory v. Harris) discriminating against them in the way they created “majority-minority” legislative districts. “The claim made by black voters in both states,” the Associated Press reports, “is that Republicans created districts […]

Criticizing Racial Preference Is Not “Begging The Question.” In Fact …

Regarding my letter to the editor in the November 27 Washington Post (discussed below, here), a good friend here in Charlottesville — I’ll call him Bob — responded: I think you’re right…almost.  It begs the question though about what is the morally responsible thing to do about social and economic effects lingering from having had […]

Democrats, Blue Collar Whites, And My Washington Post Letter

I have a letter to the editor in today’s Washington Post about the Democrats’ long forgotten but recently rediscovered interest in blue collar white (mainly male) voters. My letter is, in part, a reply to a November 23 Wash. Post article by Charles Lane, “What will it take for Democrats to woo the white working class?” Lane’s article, which […]