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Roger Clegg On Charleston, The Flag, And The Left

Roger Clegg, president and general counsel of the Center for Equal Opportunity, sends the following astute comments about the left’s and the Charleston flag controversy (a controversy, by the way, that left initiated for its own benefit): Laughing, but Seriously [Roger Clegg] There is, again, an amusing disconnect on the Left between diagnosis and prescription […]

A Left Critique of the Left’s “Inequality” Strategy

John Judis is one of more thoughtful writers on the left. To see what I mean, take a look at his “Dear Democrats: Populism Will Not Save You” in the current issue of National Journal. His description and analysis of the Big Money behind the Democrats is fascinating, as is his skepticism of the left’s […]

“Diversity” And POCLA Dots

“Early instances” of Polka Dots,Wikipedia explains, “were generally equally sized and spaced relatively closely in relation to their diameters. Many modern prints include more randomly spaced, sized and coloured dots.” POCLAs are a bit (but only a bit) different. As used by the University of California at Davis — see here and here for examples […]

Hillary Clinton/George Soros/Virginia Democrats Sue Virginia Over Voter ID

As “part of a national campaign by Democrats,” the Washington Post reports, Virginia Democrats have filed a lawsuit claiming that requiring voters to present photo id and refusing to allow felons to vote is part of “a GOP strategy to suppress the votes of minorities, young voters and the poor.” The suit is funded by billionaire […]

There Clinton Goes Again, Confirming My Criticism…

You will have noted that my title does not identify which Clinton. That’s because it doesn’t matter, although in this case it is Bill. As Chris Cillizza puts it in the Washington Post, “These 9 words prove that Bill Clinton still doesn’t get it on the Clinton Foundation.” The nine words, spoken Wednesday in an […]

Wash. Post: Biden Regularly Attends (Non-Existent) Presidential Briefings

Two long articles appeared in the Washington Post on June 7 describing the close relationship between President Obama and Vice President Biden. One of them emphasized that “the recent death of Biden’s son, Beau, has magnified a striking personal bond between Obama and Joe Biden.” The other, by political reporter Juliet Eilperin, stressed the political bond, […]

When APUSH Comes To Shove

On June 2 a distinguished group of 55 scholars released an open letter criticizing College Board’s newly revised Advanced Placement in U.S. History framework APUSH). I discuss the letter and add some critical comments here.

Affirmative Action Air Control

“When a plane starts its final descent,” Jason Riley asks in a chilling report in the Wall Street Journal, “are the passengers more concerned about the competence or about the skin color of the air-traffic controllers on the ground who will help the pilot land safely? The answer may be obvious to readers,” he notes, […]

Charlottesville: The Cost Of “Human Rights”

Not surprising, since it’s a university town, Charlottesville is almost as solidly Democratic as San Francisco or Baltimore (79% for Obama in 2008; 76% in 2012). Indeed, it is so Democratic that in 2006, when a local paper reported that the Democrats had launched a major effort to “retake” the city council, unwary readers might suspect […]

Jonah Goldberg: “The Clintons’ Favorite Way To Lie”

Thanks to Jonah Goldberg, in “The Clintons’ Favorite Way to Lie,” for pointing to, and including some juicy quotes from, two of my posts — one old and one recent — on what I’ve called “the Clinton denial style.”