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“Special Treatment” For Gay Illegals?

“Gay illegal immigrants demand special treatment from Obama,” The Washington Times reported yesterday. Hispanic and immigrant rights groups want Mr. Obama to broaden his 2012 “deferred action” policy granting tentative legal status and work permits to so-called dreamers, or young adults who were brought illegally to the U.S. as minors, so it will include illegal […]

Slaveholder Descendants Qualify For Affirmative Action

Anyone reading this blog who continues to believe affirmative action makes sense (I know it’s unlikely, but maybe someone stumbled on this site by mistake and couldn’t figure out how to leave) should take a look at this video, the link to which was sent by an attentive reader. It’s about an apparently still thriving […]

Affirmative Action FOR Chinese

It is well known, at least by close followers of the affirmative action debate, that Asian-Americans are the primary victims of racial preferences in admission received by blacks and Hispanics. But now a large major public American research university has made a concerted effort to recruit Chinese freshmen, in China, and has been so successful […]

UC Berkeley And UCLA Law Schools: Scofflaws?

One of the most depressing arguments against banning racial preferences in university admissions is that bans won’t work because universities will simply cheat. Powerful though unintended support for that argument, complete with extensive evidence and charts, appears in a new report from the National Bureau of Economic Research that I discussed yesterday on Minding The […]

Ross Douthat’s Due Alarm

The mild-mannered, even-tempered (even though he’s a, you know, conservative!) Ross Douthat, usually a breath of fresh air in the pages of the ideologically polluted New York Times, is clearly alarmed that the “American political class,” which includes the major media, seems poised to allow Obama to get away with Constitutional murder by despotically issuing an […]

Strict Construction vs. Loose Construing

Responding to the ongoing controversy over whether Obamacare’s text providing subsidies only to individuals who purchase insurance on “an exchange established by the state” means that subsidies are restricted to those who purchase insurance on an exchange established by a state, Curt Levey points out in an excellent article, OBAMACARE SUBSIDIES RULINGS: IT’S THE THEORY OF […]


Clark Woodger, the owner of the Nomen Global Language Center in Provo, Utah, which specializes in teaching English to international students, apparently believes that homophones are the smartphones used by gays texting messages with sexual content (“sexting“), or something like that. They are not. “Homophones, as any English grammarian can tell you,” an article in […]

If Democrats Could Only Practice What They Preach

In its  ”Notable & Quotable” feature on July 25, the Wall Street Journal quoted an excerpt from a New Republic article that quotes Secretary of State John Kerry (recall, he fought in Vietnam) lecturing to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “When I fought in Vietnam, I used to look at the faces of the local population and […]

White House Humor

Valerie Jarrett is widely regarded as the power behind King Barack’s throne, but so far as I know no one has mentioned the comedic talents that are prominently displayed in a Wall Street Journal OpEd she recently authored with that other unsung comedian, Jason Furman, chairman of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors. Example 1:  Her […]

Two Reasons Obama’s IRS Scandal Is Not Like Watergate

1. The Nixon political apparatus tried but failed to get the IRS to harass its political enemies, and it tried but failed to cover up evidence of its misdeeds. By contrast, the IRS under Obama succeeded in doing what Nixon tried but failed to do, and the Obama political apparatus has, so far, succeeded in […]