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Jeb Bush Channels Michael Dukakis

1988: “Michael Dukakis counters Republican ‘ideology’ with Democratic ‘competence.’” Washington Post today: “Jeb Bush previews 2016 run, promising ‘adult conversations’ on big issues” Bush was sharply critical of Washington — not only of President Obama but also of the Republican-controlled Congress — saying there were too many “academic and political hacks” with “hard-core ideology” who […]

“Deflation” And The Legacy Of Obama

Carter gave us malaise, and Obama on the way out has now given us a word for his reign … deflation. Not of the dollar but of hope, honesty (“If you like your health insurance …”),  optimism, civility, integrity in government. The New England Patriots deflate the football. Obama and his defenders deflate the Constitution. […]

Liberals Respect Individual Rights … So Long As No One Objects

One of the most interesting, and even astonishing, aspects of our current political thought and practice is the rapidity and thoroughness of contemporary liberals’ abandonment of their tradition’s former grounding in a belief in individual rights. That flight from rights can (and here, if I do say so myself, has) been seen clearly with regard […]

It’s MLK Day, Not Thanksgiving, But …

… I still think we should be thankful that President Obama, at least so far as is known at present, has not issued an Executive Order declaring January 19 (or some other date) Al Sharpton Day. As well he might have, since Sharpton is, as Politico has pointed out, Obama’s “go-to man on race,” and even […]

When Pundits Fumble…

Sometimes people who are smart and good at explaining things — such as our better pundits — become so impressed with the wisdom of their own insights they explain things that never happened, or why something that did couldn’t. Take, for example, Peggy Noonan. Noonan explains that Mitt Romney could never be president, and shouldn’t […]

Ticking Time Bomb In New UVa Frat Rules?

Most of the controversy surrounding a new set of rules the University of Virginia is forcing on its fraternities — a revised Fraternity Operating Agreement — have concerned its effort to micro-manage the alcoholic and sexual behavior of fraternity members and their guests, such as requiring at least three “sober” brothers at social functions, specifying […]

The Distorted, And Deceptive, Language Of “Diversity”

Since affirmative action has come to be described, and defended, as “diversity,” the word diverse no longer means diverse: “1. differing from one another, unlike — people with diverse interests. 2. composed of distinct or unlike elements or qualities — a diverse population.” Now, because of “diversity”-justified preferential treatment, the term has come to refer a definitional characteristic of those […]

Has UVa Stopped Discriminating?

The first paragraph from my essay on UVa that appeared on Minding The Campus this morning: Loaded questions — “Have you stopped beating your wife?” — are usually objectionable, but in the case of new rules the University of Virginia just adopted in response to a fraudulent article in Rolling Stone describing a gang rape […]

“Subtle Bias,” “Microagressions,” And Teachers’ Pets

On Minding The Campus this morning I have some thoughts on the “subtle bias” and “microagressions” that have allegedly produced a “chilly racial climate” on today’s campuses. It’s no accident, as we conspiracy theorists are fond of saying, that those campuses that bend over backwards (or farther) to be solicitous to tender racial sensitivities, that […]

Liberalism Old and New

Old liberals used to pat themselves on the back while swooning over their embrace of Voltaire’s words: ““I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Many, perhaps most, of today’s liberals have abandoned  their former all but absolute defense of free speech. Instead, they now […]