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Dems: Rubio Is The Wrong Kind Of Hispanic

“A Hillary Clinton match-up with Marco Rubio,” the New York Times reports, “is a scary thought for Democrats.” Having “combed over Mr. Rubio’s voting record in the Senate,” Democratic sleuths have discovered (they dig deep, those Democrats!) that Rubio is … a Republican! Thus, the Times dutifully reports, the Dems’ “subtext” is that Rubio “may […]

The Ivies: New Quotas?

[NOTE: The following was cross-posted on the National Association of Scholars site yesterday.] Every year about this time there are a spate of articles about a very small number of remarkable students who were accepted at all eight Ivy League colleges. This year is no different, and I will get to them presently, but there […]

An Outlandish Justification For STEM Diversity

Most calls for more “diversity,” including STEM “diversity,” never provide a justification for the discrimination necessary to produce it. On Minding The Campus I discuss one that does. Read it for a good laugh.

Liberal Hypocrisy? Of Course, But There’s More…

Jonah Goldberg has a terrific column, “Liberal Hypocrisy on Blasphemous Art,” that recounts chapter and verse of the liberal horror at conservative (and some other) criticism of the public funding of “art” — Serrano’s Christ in piss, Ofili’s Virgin Mary in elephant dung, etc. — that many found offensive and Christians found blasphemous. For example: In 1989, […]

Suspicion Confirmed: Affirmative Action Is “Microaggression”

Critics of affirmative action have long argued that it harms its purported beneficiaries, and now two new studies confirm that it is a leading cause of “microaggressions.” I discuss on Minding The Campus, here.

Brown University Doubles Down On “Diversity”

Thanks to George Leef for his generous pointer on National Review Online to my new essay at the Pope Center, “Brown University doubles down on “diversity.”

The Old Clintonian Denial Style Resurfaces, And Spreads

Kimberly Strassel has a wonderful column in the Wall Street Journal, “The Clinton Scandal Manual,” that discusses the remarkable continuity of the Clinton scandals — and the responses of the Clinton machine to those scandals — over the years. The details change, of course. In 1978 it was lucrative cattle futures; in 2014 it was […]

Jessie The IBM Rock Star!

According to Business Insider, based on information provided by IBM, daughter Jessie (aka Dr. Jessie) is one of “17 IBM rock star employees that show the company’s new direction.”

Obamacare Hits Campuses Hard

A short piece of mine on the damaging impact of Obamacare on college and university health plans appeared on Minding The Campus this morning. It has just been reprinted (redigitized?) in The Fiscal Times.

Historians Lament Their Lost Audience

Thomas Bender, a thoughtful and accomplished historian at New York University, published an interesting piece recently in the Chronicle of Higher Education attempting to explain why historians  have lost their public audience. I have an essay on Minding The Campus this morning in effect suggesting that his explanation amounts to looking where the light is good rather […]