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Trumping Liberal Arts

I posted “Trumping Liberal Arts” on National Review Online’s Phi Beta Cons earlier today. Here are its first and last (actually, its only) paragraphs: Most defenders of liberal arts argue that a liberal education engenders qualities of mind that create better citizens. And then there’s Colorado’s Democratic governor, John Hickenlooper. “Better liberal arts,” Hickenlooper recently explained, […]

OCR’s Princeton Whitewash

I encourage readers to take a look at my essay that just went up on Minding The Campus, “ADMISSIONS STACKED AGAINST ASIANS–IT’S OK WITH THE FEDS.”

And Now For Some Diversity Humor…

“The same venture-capital firm known for its involvement in a discrimination lawsuit filed by former employee Ellen Pao may have just found itself in hot water again,” Sally French begins her article on MarketWatch a few days ago. In hot water again? Perhaps Ms. French has forgotten that “Ellen Pao lost her gender discrimination lawsuit […]

Democrats And Constitutions

A good way to predict how President Hillary would treat the Constitution is to take a look at how her closest allies, protégés, bag men, and satraps in state governments treat theirs. And that brings us to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (“…  chairman of Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2008…,”  “Clinton donors also pumped millions into […]

The Effect Of TAs’ Race (Or Not) On Student Grades

I have two posts on National Review Online’s Phi Beta Cons — “TAs Like Me” and “TA’s Like Me”: Take Two — discussing a new National Bureau of Economic Research study that purports to find that students get better grades from TAs of their same race. If you think that “purports” signals that I have […]

Berkeley Attempts To Circumvent Prop. 209

I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true: the University of California is trying to get around — or maybe just run roughshod over — Prop. 209’s (and now the California constitution;s) prohibition on racial preferences. It has announced a new African-American Initiative at the core of which is a $20 million scholarship fund […]

Ouch! Psychology On The Couch

[NOTE: This post has been UPDATED] I have a new essay on Minding The Campus, “Almost Two Thirds Of Psychological Studies Are Wrong.” Unless, of course, the Reproducibility Project psychologists evaluating those studies are wrong…. UPDATE 8 Sept. Northeastern University professor Lisa Feldman Barrett has an article in the New York Times arguing that “Psychology […]

What Do Democrats Believe?

Conor Friedersdorf has an interesting — and in places unintentionally amusing — piece at The Atlantic, “‘Hillary 2016′ Has Never Made Sense For Democrats,” criticizing Democrats for annointing Hillary even though she has taken numerous positions at variance with the current inclinations of “the base.” She voted for the Iraq war, is cozy with Wall […]

Another Journalist Gets Hillary’s Emails Wrong

Writing in The Atlantic, Yoni Applebaum asserts that “Clinton, and her loyalists, insist that the email probe is a distraction, and that there is no evidence that she deliberately broke any rules, much less violated the law. And so far, those claims have been borne out by each new round of disclosures.” That assertion is […]

More Shaky Studies On Women And STEM

“Readers of the higher education press and literature may be forgiven,” my new essay on Minding The Campus begins, “for supposing that there is more research on why there are not more women in STEM fields than there is actual research in the STEM fields themselves.” In it I discuss several recent studies on the […]