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Obama Unleashed

Glenn Thrush of Politico, a reliably pro-Obama publication, describes Obama’s remaining time in office, now that he doesn’t have to face voters again, as “Operation Revenge,” by which he means “Smiting his political enemies.” Actually, that strikes me as a fair description of Obama’s entire time in office, inflicting revenge on the country that, as […]

If Quotas Harm Beneficiaries…

Washington Post opinion writer Catherine Rampell has noticed that quotas harm even their intended beneficiaries. After examining a number of studies of the effect the policies in various European countries of mandating quotas for women on the corporate boards of big companies, she notes that this research finds that “forcing companies to appoint women onto their boards […]

Obama Espouses Colorblindness!

You probably think, as I generally do, that our affirmative action president — an accurate description, I think, for two reasons: a white with his exact same ability and experience would not have been nominated and elected president; and he so fervently supports affirmative action — is a principled supporter of racial preference. Experience teaches, however, […]

Women, Minorities More Likely To Flee STEM Fields

I have an essay on Minding The Campus discussing a new study showing that women and minority PhDs are less likely to pursue academic STEM careers than white and Asian men. Is this necessarily a problem in need of solving? What if they are paid more working in industry or government or even in some […]

Dupes And The “Dangers Of Arrogance”

Having just said in the post immediately below (“Liberal Inanities“) that commenting on every liberal inanity in the press and elsewhere would be an endless task that I generally choose to avoid, here I go again. Liberal Boston Globe columnist Joan Venochi has some argument-against-interest fun poking holes in the arrogant pretension of Jonathan Gruber […]

Liberal Inanities

Just as it has been said that a history of Italian naval victories would be the shortest book ever written, a blog devoted to recording liberal inanities in the press and elsewhere would be endless. I have, with some difficulty, generally refrained from pointing out even real howlers, since they’re too easy to find and […]

Was Obama Joking About Torture?

“”One of the things that sets us apart from other countries,” President Obama recently told MSNBC, “is when we make mistakes, we admit them.” We? Although in this instance the president presumably was not employing the “royal we” (“Pronoun used by royalty to indicate that they represent both the body natural and the body politic,” […]

CNN Article On Hidden Bias Is Rife With Visible Bias

I encourage everyone to take a careful look at this long CNN article on “The New Threat: ‘Racism Without Racists’” by John Blake. It is a revealing, even wonderful, example of unwittingly exemplifying what it purports to expose — rampant, unrecognized bias. “Science has bad news,” it pontificates, for those who believe in colorblindness, “for […]

Ross Douthat: Too Optimistic Even When He’s Pessimistic

One of the few remaining reasons to read the New York Times — indeed, perhaps the only one — is Ross Douthat’s Op-Ed column. Today’s “Retreat To Identity” is no exception, although it is not as pessimistic as Douthat thinks … or as it should be. He cites a column from last summer that “gingerly” […]

Our Quotable Imperial Presidents

Someone on a legal list I read just asked for examples of “famous or historically important or particularly eloquent legal quotations” from recent American history for a collection he is compiling. I suggested the following: I was thinking of a matched pair, starting with: Richard Nixon: “I am not a crook.” [Time Magazine has nice linkable […]