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Blacks Over-Represented On University Of Oklahoma …

… football and basketball teams. At the University of Oklahoma, Inside Higher Ed points out today, “Black men make up 61 percent of Oklahoma’s basketball and football teams, but only 2.7 percent of the university’s student population.” That shocking lack of “diversity” was pointed out in an article, “About Time,” attributing a good part of […]

Our Constitutional Lawyer-In-Chief Speaks Out

President Obama, whom some may recall was the editor of the Harvard Law Review and a professor (or at least lecturer) of constitutional law at the University of Chicago, has applauded the University of Oklahoma’s expelling two students and disbanding their fraternity after fraternity members were captured on a video singing a racist song. Many […]

Don’t Think Of “Elephant”

You’ve all  heard of the thought experiment involving the command, “Don’t let the thought of an elephant cross you mind, however fleetingly.” The point, of course, is to demonstrate that you can’t consciously not think of something without thinking of it. An unwittingly hilarious editorial in the Washington Post this morning brings that experiment, and […]

Two Key Points Re The Israeli Election

From CNN: 1. Israeli voters — especially on the right — have been skeptical that Obama has their best interests at heart. This point was underscored in a recent poll that asked Israelis recently if they believed President Obama would agree to a deal that Israeli officials considered harmful to Israel’s security. Of those that responded, 61% said […]

The Clintons In Haiti

From a Washington Post article on what Hillary, as Secretary of State, and Bill, named head of Haiti relief efforts by the UN, have done … and not done in Haiti: Clinton supporters also point out that their successes have come amid Haiti’s chaotic political situation — parliament is not functioning, and President Michel Martelly, […]

Democrats On Record Destruction: Who Cares?

“Few Democrats,” according to the Washington Post this morning, “believe that the revelations about [Hillary Clinton’s] un­or­tho­dox e-mail practices as secretary of state are a substantive issue that would damage Clinton with voters, and many said she performed adequately in a Tuesday news conference defending herself.” I suspect the Post is right. Democrats have shown a remarkable ability […]

Obamacare Defenders’ Call For Deference To Congressional Intent: Hypocrisy Or Mere Inconsistency?

Underlying the various arguments that the Supreme Court should uphold the IRS’s ignoring the plain language of the Affordable Care Act (“established by the state,” etc.) is that the Court should defer to what Obamacare defenders maintain as the “obvious” intent of Congress — that all who qualify for subsidies should receive them, no matter […]

The Profundity Of Eugene Robinson

The Washington Post/MSNBC opinionator, Eugene Robinson, has appeared here too many times to link. A few examples: French Lessons (French riots prove multiculturalism works) The “Bloody Shirt” Still Waves (change, schmange; the South is still evil, and always will be) More (Unwitting) Wash. Post Black Humor (what’s funny is that Robinson wasn’t trying to be funny) […]

Have You Received A Thank-You Note From The Clinton Foundation?

I haven’t, and you no doubt haven’t either. In fact, until I read Mary Anastasia O’Grady’s column in the Wall Street Journal this morning I didn’t know I had contributed anything to the Clinton Foundation, and I bet you didn’t know, either. But, as U.S. taxpayers, we have. The United States contributes millions of dollars […]

Surprise! The ACLU Defends The First Amendment!

It’s never clear what side the ACLU will take (if any) in conflicts between the First Amendment and “hate speech” and its various friends and relations, but to the organization’s credit it has just come out in opposition to the Patent and Trademark Office’s decision canceling the Washington Redskins’ trademark, because of a federal statute prohibiting […]