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If Democrats Could Only Practice What They Preach

In its  ”Notable & Quotable” feature on July 25, the Wall Street Journal quoted an excerpt from a New Republic article that quotes Secretary of State John Kerry (recall, he fought in Vietnam) lecturing to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “When I fought in Vietnam, I used to look at the faces of the local population and […]

White House Humor

Valerie Jarrett is widely regarded as the power behind King Barack’s throne, but so far as I know no one has mentioned the comedic talents that are prominently displayed in a Wall Street Journal OpEd she recently authored with that other unsung comedian, Jason Furman, chairman of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors. Example 1:  Her […]

Two Reasons Obama’s IRS Scandal Is Not Like Watergate

1. The Nixon political apparatus tried but failed to get the IRS to harass its political enemies, and it tried but failed to cover up evidence of its misdeeds. By contrast, the IRS under Obama succeeded in doing what Nixon tried but failed to do, and the Obama political apparatus has, so far, succeeded in […]

Biased Or Incompetent News: It’s Not Just The Mainstream Press

Seven years ago I began a post on media bias with the following opening paragraph: It is not uncommon for conservatives or bloggers — and especially conservative bloggers — to engage in rants about the bias of the “mainstream media.” This is not one of those rants. It is a rant about an extraordinary expression […]

EXTRA! EXTRA! More Discrimination…

[NOTE: I've played around with this post a bit. Thus this version may be slightly different from what you read earlier, if you read this earlier.] [NOTE 2: This post has been UPDATED] We interrupt our ongoing, 24/7 coverage of liberals going nuts over the recent Supreme Court decisions (Hobby Lobby and Wheaton College) that […]

Washington Post Whimsy

Whimsy, n. playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor (Apple MacBook Oxford American Dictionary) One doesn’t usually think of the Washington Post‘s stable of serious, establishment OpEd columnists as whimsical, but today (actually, posted online last night) two of them offer observations that many will regard as whimsical (although Attorney General Eric Holder will probably regard at least […]

The Obama White House: Comedy Farce Central

[NOTE: This post has been UPDATED] If the White House weren’t the White House the destroy-the-border immigration scam they’re pulling might be almost funny. Almost. But, alas, it is the White House, and because of the sensitivity of the incumbent’s sycophantic supporters describing what we’re seeing as “black humor” is not an option. Dark humor […]

Princetonian Bias At CNN? CNN Bias At Princeton?

In 1968 George Wallace used to say there wasn’t “a  dime’s worth of difference” between the tweedledum of the Democratic Party and the Tweedledee of the Republicans. If he were alive today (not only invokers of Lincoln and Martin Luther King can play that game), and paying attention, he’d be likely to say the same […]

Separating The Wheaton From The Chaff

From Apple’s MacBook Dictionary: chaff, noun. • worthless things; trash. • strips of metal foil or metal filings released in the atmosphere from aircraft, or deployed as missiles, to obstruct radar detection or confuse radar-tracking missiles. Chaff, in other words, is the perfect description of most of the liberal commentary about Wheaton College v. Burwell,  a follow-up to the recent blockbuster Hobby Lobby […]

Two Smart Economic Columnists. Which One’s Wrong?

Megan McArdle, Bloomberg: The latest jobs report is great news. There were 288,000 new jobs in June, with the unemployment rate dropping to 6.1 percent. Don’t get me wrong: Labor force participation is still down from 2007, and we need a lot more of these months to get back to where we were. But still, this […]