Harvard In The Dock

Today, it begins.

“It,” of course, is the trial of Students For Fair Admissions v. President and Fellows of Harvard College in federal district court in Boston to determine whether “Fair Harvard” is fair to its Asian-American applicants.

I’ve been writing for years about how “affirmative action” is really negative action against Asians. For some background, see my Let’s Be Frank About Anti-Asian Admission Policies. More recently, and about the Harvard case specifically, see  Harvard Says Asians Lack Courage, Kindness, Likability,  Harvard, Not Trump, Could Kill Affirmative Action, and Kavanaugh And The Future Of Affirmative Action.

Now I have a new assignment for you. After you read (or, better, re-read) the above, you must read Stuart Taylor Jr.’s new, long article in The Weekly Standard, “Racial Preference on Trial as Harvard Goes to Court.” Yes, must. It’s that important. In fact, if you’re pressed for time and want to get up to speed quickly on the issues, read this even before you read/re-read mine.

Stay tuned. I will have more to say about Stuart’s article later today, but I wanted to get you started on it early.

To Be Continued

October 20. Stay tuned a bit longer. I will have more to say about Stuart Taylor’s article presently.

October 22. Better late than never. I have more to say about Stuart Taylor’s article, and a number of other aspects of SFFA v. Harvard, in an essay that just was posted on Minding The Campus.

Say What?