The New McCarthyism

The College Fix reports that the University of Denver has suspended a conservative student leader after “some people said that other people said that she said offensive things.” 12 “witnesses” were interviewed, and 11 of them admitted that they had not heard the student say offensive things. One claimed that she called him a “fag” in a car ride.

I am reminded of a bit of residue of the old, original McCarthyism. Back in the late 1960s I received a letter seeking a character reference on one of my college roommates, who had applied for admission to the Illinois bar. One of the questions asked whether the candidate had ever done or said anything that might lead any third party to question his loyalty to the United States.

I replied that to the best of my knowledge he had not but that I was in no position to speak about what some unknown third party might think. Some people, after all, think crazy things, as is amply demonstrated on campus these days.

Say What?