And You Thought Colleges Lack A Sense Of Humor Or Appreciation Of Irony…

“James Comey,” the Chronicle of Higher Education reports this morning, “will co-teach this fall a course about ‘ethical leadership’ to students at the College of William & Mary, his alma mater.”

Nor is higher education’s desire to embrace this apparent embodiment of ethical leadership limited to Comey’s alma mater, the Chronicle tells us, since “a number of colleges have sought him as an instructor. Daniel Richman, a professor of law at Columbia University, has publicly courted the former FBI director for a possible job there.”

Of course he did. In case you don’t remember Daniel Richman, Scott Johnson reminds us on Powerline that

Comey removed copies of seven memos on his meetings with President Trump when he left the FBI and that four of the seven were classified. He entrusted four of the memos to his friend Daniel Richman at Columbia Law School for the purpose of leaking the contents to the New York Times. Richman leaked the contents of the memos at Comey’s behest to engineer the appointment of Special Counsel to investigate the Trump campaign, as Comey desired. At least one of the memos Comey leaked to Richman must have been classified.

Based on former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy’s scathing criticism of Comey’s deeply mangled misunderstanding of the Espionage Act in his handling of the Clinton email investigation, Johnson concludes that “Comey’s leak itself may therefore have violated the act.”


Say What?