By now I’m sure you’re all sick of Charlottesville — or as I now say, “Charlottesville,” because this nice, formerly small “academical village” (Jefferson’s term) has ceased to be a place and become something of an iconic event, rather like the Edmund Pettus bridge between Selma and Montgomery. I know I’m sick of it, and my wife and I have enjoyed living just outside it for the past 18 years.

But even though I’m sick of it, and even though I missed the unpleasantness last weekend (I spent the weekend in the hospital enjoying surgery instead; thanks, I’m fine), like everybody else I can’t avoid writing something about it, sooner or later. Watch this space if you haven’t read your fill.

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  1. Ronald Alonzo August 21, 2017 at 4:04 pm | | Reply

    I think Bartolomé de las Casas argued to the Courts in Sevilla, Spain that the native (American) Indians – The Aztecs – just conquered by Cortes, were one of the last tribes of Israel and could be converted to Christianity; Therefore not enslaving them and using Black Africans as slaves who did not fit under the principle of original sin. The Marmons believed that Maroni had been influenced and accepted the American Indian as the lost tribe of Israel and Christianize-d The native American indians. Get well, you did not miss much.

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