Klueless [sic] Kristof

These days it is almost impossible to parody progressives, because they unwittingly parody themselves so much more effectively than would-be critics ever could. Take Nicholas Kristof of  the New York Times (please!). Here he is today, writing “My Most Unpopular Idea: Be Nice to Trump Voters.”

Suggesting that “Maybe we all need a little more empathy,” here is Kristof’s pathetic attempt to practice the empathy he preaches:

I asked the people I interviewed in Oklahoma why they were sticking with Trump. There are many reasons working-class conservatives vote against their economic interests — abortion and gun issues count heavily for some — but another is the mockery of Democrats who deride them as ignorant bumpkins. The vilification of these voters is a gift to Trump.

Poor Kristof. Try as he might, like Dr. Strangelove futilely trying to hold his arm down he is simply incapable of being nice to or feeling empathy for Trump voters. Calling for a halt to the vilification of those voters as ignorant bumpkins, he vilifies them as ignorant bumpkins who don’t know what’s in their own best interest.

Say What?