Race, Sex Discrimination Against University Administrators

Here is the lede from my recently posted Minding The Campus piece on paycheck unfairness:

The College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) has just published an extensive research report on pay and representation of racial and ethnic minorities in higher education administrative positions that ought to be a bombshell, documenting as it does widespread pay discrimination on the basis of race. The devotion to “diversity” that pervades higher education, however, prevents the report’s authors as well as Inside Higher Ed, which published a long review of it, from seeing this discrimination for what it is.

Read it and ponder the following questions, which are likely to be on your final exam: When, if ever, does “more than equitably” mean “more than fair,” and when, if ever,  does “more than fair” mean unfair? Finally (afterthought, added 3/24), what’s the difference between “more than fair” and “less than fair”?

Say What?