(Former) Lynchburg School Board Member Is A “Fearful Moron”

Lynchburg school board member Jenny Poore just resigned to shield the board from “blowback” caused by her “profanity-laden anti-Trump Facebook post.”

Poore, who recently had refused to take the Pledge of Allegiance opening school board meetings out of opposition to police killings, wrote, along with many similar diatribes,  “f— you and your s—– straight white man version of America.” She also wrote:

“We are a nation of selfish fearful morons who thinks [sic] we can still be friends with people and like pictures of their dogs and kids on facebook even though we just voted to gut every last protection they had as human beings.”

I don’t do Facebook much, but if I did, and posted pictures of my dog Mosby, I’d say anyone who doesn’t like him because of how she thinks I voted is herself a fearful moron.

Say What?