Trump Should Promise An Independent Counsel … And Pardons

There are rapidly diminishing returns for Trump continuing to bash Clinton corruption. By now everyone knows the Clintons are corrupt, and everyone knows Trump is loudly critical of Clinton corruption. The entire country is sick and tired of the Clinton mess.

If Clinton is elected, the country will continue to be mired in the mess, not only because Hillary’s arrogant lawlessness will continue but also because investigations of it will continue. But many people are also no doubt wary of what a Trump victory would bring, especially in light of his statements that she should be in jail, etc. Many, that is, would be no more favorably inclined toward a vindictive Trump Justice Dept. hounding the Clintons than they are to the obvious partisan coverups of the current Obama Justice Dept.

IF Trump were smart (or, failing that, if he has smart advisors to whom he will listen), what he should do now is clear: promise that if elected he will, after consulting with Senators from both parties, appoint an independent counsel of universally recognized probity and integrity to wind up investigations of both Clinton’s email violations and Clinton Foundation pay-to-play allegations and issue a report within the following six months. Moreover, Trump should add, if significant evidence of criminal violations is uncovered, he will pardon the perpetrators in order to take this entire sordid episode off the table of ongoing controversy and put it in the past, where the Clintons belong.

In addition to polishing Trump’s somewhat tarnished reputation for statesmanship, such an announcement now would also be good for the country.

Say What?