Obama’s Second, And Continuing, Big Lie

I have an article of Pajamas Media that went up late last night, “Obama’s Second, And Continuing, Big Lie.” (Thanks to InstaPundit for the pointer!)

By the time it appeared (although PJM posted it quickly) Obama had already moved on, issuing a Third Big Lie on Monday, November 4, when he lied about his former lie, telling supporters that “what we said was that you could keep it if it hasn’t changed.” That, as every sentient being knows, is not what he (who’s that “we”?) said. Nor did he mention the relevant fact that the main reason those ostensibly “grandfathered” policies were changed was to conform to the new regulations imposed by Obamacare.

As Ron Fournier of National Journal pointed out, when Obama spoke he was looking at notes, making his statement not another example of “mis-speaking,” as the New York Times lamely excuses (he “misspoke” 36 times?), but “an orchestrated deceit.” Peter Suderman in Reason makes the same point: “President Obama Covers Up Old Lie With A New One.”

But returning to the Second Big Lie, the subject of my PJM piece, president and his flacks (including elected Democrats and Secretary Sebelius) have been asserting in effect that his broken promise doesn’t really matter because it concerns only a small fraction of current insurance holders, those who bought their policies on the individual market.

It doesn’t, for reasons that I discuss and that CBS News amplifies this morning, in “How Obamacare will change employer-provided Insurance.”

Say What?