New Data On Takers Of New GRE Test

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports this morning that the Educational Testing Service has released its first report (no link provided) with data on the average scores, broken down by race, sex, and ethnicity, of those who took the newest version of its Graduate Record Examination.

The article breaks down the average scores by gender but not by race or ethnicity:

As for performance on the new test, the highest possible scores are 170 for the verbal and quantitative-reasoning sections, and 6 for the analytical-writing portion. Among U.S. citizens, men scored slightly higher than women in both the verbal and quantitative-reasoning sections, and both groups scored a 4, on average, in the writing portion. On the verbal section, men scored 154, on average, compared with 152 for women. And in the quantitative-reasoning section, men scored 152, on average, and women 148.

Among racial and ethnic groups, Asian students obtained the highest scores in the quantitative-reasoning section. In keeping with the usual trends, black and Hispanic students had the lowest scores on all three sections of the test.

Apparently some news is not fit to print in the Chronicle.

Say What?