New Study: Banning Affirmative Action Increases Integration

I was going to write something about this new study, by Georgetown economics professor Peter Henrichs, discussed today in Inside Higher Ed that found an increase in integration (or was that a decrease of “segregation”? Hard to say…) in states that banned affirmative action. But since Roger Clegg has already done so, I don’t have to.

I will add only that attempting to measure “the pace of desegregation” using sophisticated (I guess, because I certainly don’t know) statistical measures of “exposure” and “dissimilarity” strikes me as rather bizarre. But I suppose that’s what comes of putting “diversity” rather than non-discriminatory equality on a pedestal, for how can one accrue diversity’s blessed benefits without being “exposed” to those who are “dissimilar”?

As we begin a new year perhaps it is in order to consider the “progress” we’ve made in our fundamental values:

The Old American Creed: The bedrock belief that we all have a right to be treated without regard to our race, creed, or color.

The New American Creed: The demand to be treated as members of our group, and belief that we are entitled to be exposed to a sufficiently large number of the dissimilar.

Say What?