If Richard Cohen Were A Conservative …

… he would no doubt not have a job as a columnist at the Washington Post. But if somehow he did and wrote the same column that appears today, he would certainly be condemned as a racist. I say that with confidence not only because of the “look” that Cohen finds so revealingly missing “on Obama’s face” — a diverse face, after all, that no matter what “look” it lacks at least looks like much of “underrepresented” America — but also because of the long list he provides of our lookless black president’s disappointing failures:

  • his “failure to embrace all sorts of people”
  • his “diffidence”
  • a crowd on election night “adored Obama, although not as much as I think he adored himself”
  • “Liberals were intolerant of anyone who had doubts. Obama was not a man, but a totem.” (Were?)
  • “… somewhere between the campaign and the White House itself, Obama got lost. It turned out he had no cause at all. Expanding health insurance was Hillary Clinton’s long-time goal and even after Obama adopted it, he never argued for it with any fervor.”
  • “His eloquence, it turned out, was reserved for campaigning. Obama never espoused a cause bigger than his own political survival.”

Cohen wishes the tarnished Obama “was the man I once mistook him for,” but he cannot bring himself to “quibble with the editorial” in the Washington Post endorsing Obama for re-election. Along the way Cohen abundantly confirms that he richly deserves the harshness of his own indictment of his own judgment, observing, for example, that Obama’s fatuously narcissistic observation in 2008 that his election “promised to slow the rise of the oceans and begin to heal the planet” was “unfairly mocked.” If anything that boundless, groundless arrogance was so far beyond the reach of mockery that it could never be fairly mocked.

The crown on the charge of the counter-factual Cohen’s racism, however, is none of the above. It is his evident conclusion that Obama’s lack of greatness, or even goodness, matters not at all and his invitation to base one’s view of Obama on his race. “He’s a black man,” Cohen informs us, “and that matters greatly.”

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  1. CaptDMO October 30, 2012 at 5:50 pm | | Reply

    In response to Mr. Sununu’s quip on suggesting in ANY way, Mr. Powell endorsing Mr. Obama, simply (para) “..because he’s black(sic)” I was in tears, laughing at traditionally left/socialist “talking heads”, (selectively?)OUTRAGED that ANYONE could espouse such an ignorant concept. The meme disappeared quite quickly, WELL before the eastern storm “truce”. Apparently that particular outrage’s unintended consequence didn’t play well with their regular “intellectual” audiences.
    But then again, I don’t “do” twitter/Facebook etc. I could be wrong.

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