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Legacies, Round Two

A week ago I referred you, here, to an essay of mine posted on Minding The Campus, “Are Legacy Preferences Illegal?” That essay criticized as “fanciful” some recent arguments by Richard D. Kahlenberg, who yesterday posted an essay responding to my criticism. A rejoinder by me follows his essay.

ADDENDUM! [Updated]

I have added a long ADDENDUM, almost of the tail that wags the dog variety, to Now It’s Official: Democrats Abandon White Working Class Voters (28 Nov.), which appears two posts below. I have just [30 November 8:30AM] added ADDENDUM II to that post.

Politically Correct (Or Not) Language

Mickey Kaus writes today that “It’s not acceptable to call illegal immigrants ‘illegals’ – but it’s no longer OK to use the clanking, formerly PC euphemism ‘undocumented immigrant’ either…. Is it too fusty to ask,” he continues, “if we can’t call illegals ‘illegals,’ and we can’t call illegals ‘undocumented immigrants,’ what words can we use? Is this one […]

Now It’s Official: Democrats Abandon White Working Class Voters

Although there have been hints before of a new Democratic strategy of abandoning lower class whites, Thomas Edsall makes it all but official today in the New York Times, the virtual megaphone of the Democratic Party: For decades, Democrats have suffered continuous and increasingly severe losses among white voters. But preparations by Democratic operatives for […]

Academic Merit, Non-Academic Corruption

Megan McArdle asks: Most academics I know can rank-order everyone in the room at a professional conference with the speed and precision of a courtier at Versailles. Any competition, from looks to money to academic credentialing, both consumes a lot of resources and makes many of the participants feel bad about themselves. Why, then, does […]

A Twofer: Fight The Deficit, Eliminate Gov’t Discrimination, Ver. 2.0

[NOTE: This post was also posted on the National Association of Scholars site.] Last March, in A Twofer: Fight The Deficit, Eliminate Gov’t Discrimination! I quoted Mickey Kaus’s observation that “[t]here is … a whole affirmative action/equal employment compliance bureaucracy that makes at best a secondary contribution to the public good” and continued: Well, despite being generally […]

Obama’s Unqualified Judges

According to a dramatic Charlie Savage article in the New York Times a few days ago (dramatic in part because it was in the New York Times), The American Bar Association has secretly declared a significant number of President Obama’s potential judicial nominees “not qualified,” slowing White House efforts to fill vacant judgeships — and […]


1. Thanksgiving is one of our important national legacies, and so let me urge any of you who may be reading this today or tomorrow to, no, not to stop reading but to read quickly (and follow the link below, and read that quickly) and then, but only then, to stop reading and rejoin your […]


About a week ago I posted, here, a communication from Roger Clegg about an important cert grant from the Supreme Court dealing with disparate impact discrimination in housing. There have been several new developments since then, and thus you may want to check that post again for the updates that have been added.

Progressivism And Race

Many have found it ironical that disfranchisement and virulent, state-imposed segregation emerged in the South and elsewhere just about the time Progressivism emerged. In an excellent, enlightening, long article in National Review, Tiffany Jones Miller demonstrates why it wasn’t ironical at all.