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Should Minorities Receive Preferential Treatment In National Parks?

The Los Angeles Times reported today that [o]nly about 1% of the nearly 4 million people who visit the national park each year are black, and the park system remains largely the province of whites. So officials were elated earlier this month when two groups of African Americans were touring Yosemite the same day. Although […]

Ann Althouse Flubs One

I usually find  Ann Althouse’s posts incisive even when I don’t find them persuasive, but this one today — whose money quote is from a Democratic legislator who said “We got a lot of white people in Wisconsin” — is uncharacteristically obtuse. First, her title, “Taking race into account — simply wrong or rather complex?” […]

Abysmal Coverage Of Race In The New York Times (Cont’d) (Cont’d)

A couple of days ago I discussed the Abysmal Coverage Of Race In The New York Times (Cont’d) (“Cont’d,” because I had discussed the same thing a year and a half ago, here). The Adam Liptak article that prompted my recent post was so full of it objectionable stuff that of necessity I didn’t respond to everything that […]

Obama A Hyper-Partisan? I Wish…

Back in what now almost appear to be the good old days under a good old Democrat, as I said here, I used to say that if Bill Clinton became a hypocrite, it would represent a big improvement. (To be a hypocrite, you have to believe something while acting or speaking as though you don’t, and […]

Politico Praises Obama Paying Tribute To … Himself

In an embarrassingly gushy article ostensibly about Obama paying tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr., Politico reporters Joseph Williams and Julie Mason fawn over the president’s “uncanny” similarity to the sainted civil rights leader. Williams, who describes himself on his web site as a “telegenic, quick-witted analyst,” and Mason, who sees herself as “a wary optimist […]

When “Diversity” Works, And When It Doesn’t

Russell Nieli of Princeton has a terrific essay on Minding The Campus that discusses what social science tells us — or should tell us — about when and where “diversity” works to reduce prejudice — and when and where it doesn’t — and why. Of course, the fact that under the right circumstances “diversity” can […]

Abysmal Coverage Of Race In The New York Times (Cont’d)

Over a year and a half ago I discussed the Abysmal Coverage Of Race In The New York Times, with particular reference to a shockingly bad article by reporter Randal C. Archibold. An article today by Supreme Court reporter Adam Liptak, I’m sad but not surprised to say, reveals that its race-related reporting has not […]

Scandals Old And New

“We’re the country that built the intercontinental railroad,” the world’s greatest orator, Obama, orated last month, confusing linking two continents (“intercontinental”) with spanning one continent (“transcontinental”) — and as Michelle Malkin has pointed out, that wasn’t the first time with that gaffe. Noting that “Government is the biggest job killer,” John Stossel compares Obama’s Solyndra scandal […]

How Many Democrats Want To Suspend The Constitution?

A couple of weeks ago Beverly Perdue, North Carolina’s Democratic governor, caused an uproar by suggesting that Congress skip the next election to concentrate on the economy. “I think,” she said, we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they […]


Nathan McCall, a former Washington Post reporter now a senior lecturer in Emory University’s Dept. of African American Studies, is described by Emory as a “Race and Difference Expert.” On the basis of his Washington Post article yesterday describing the president’s recent speech to the Congressional Black Caucus gala last weekend as his “Sister Souljah […]