In Gaffe, Wash. Post Reports Real News

Sometimes, despite their instinct to cover for the Democrats, the mainstream media slips up and reports real news. On Saturday, for example, in a news story touting Obama’s desire for a “grand bargain” on the budget, a “big deal,” the Washington Post reported:

Key elements for a big deal remain in place. Obama has been clear that he wants one and has started making the case to skeptical factions of his own party that getting the nation’s fiscal house in order is in their best interest.

So, even the WaPo recognizes that “factions” of the Democratic Party oppose “getting the nation’s fiscal house in order,” at least in part because they do not believe that doing so “is in their best interest.” Why hasn’t that been reported before?

What “factions” are those? How powerful are they? Whom do they represent? Does the Democratic Party also contain “factions” that do want to reduce government spending? If so, where were they when under Obama federal spending has increased from its post-World War II average of about 18% of gross domestic product to a little under 25% now (an increase of about 39%), with no reductions projected?

So far the WaPo hasn’t let that information slip out.

Say What?