Translating The New York Times

[NOTE: This post has been UPDATED]

Yesterday the New York Times reported:

In Shift, Justice Department

is Hiring Lawyers With Civil

Rights Backgrounds

WASHINGTON — Under the Obama administration, the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has reversed a pattern of systematically hiring conservative lawyers with little experience in civil rights, the practice that caused a scandal over politicization during the Bush administration.
Instead, newly disclosed documents show, the lawyers hired over the past two years at the division have been far more likely to have civil rights backgrounds — and to have ties to traditional civil rights organizations with liberal reputations, like the American Civil Liberties Union or the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law….

English translation, provided by DISCRIMINATIONS editors:

The Obama Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has abandoned the Bush administration policy of hiring lawyers who believe citizens have a right to be treated without regard to race and replaced it with a policy of hiring only lawyers whose employment history demonstrates their devotion to racial preferences in education, employment, and government contracting.

UPDATE [2 June]

Pajamas Media has, finally after 12 months, received the resumes of 130 attorneys hired in Eric Holder’s Civil Rights Division, and despite the attempt of the “most transparent administration in history” to cover up the extreme partisanship of its new hires by selectively redacting many of their prior affiliations those resumes nevertheless “prove how radical the newly hired attorneys really are and how hypocritical was the left’s earlier criticism of the Bush administration’s hiring practices.”

Bear in mind that when in 2006 the Boston Globe requested the resumes of attorneys hired into the Bush administration, the only items deleted were individuals’ home addresses and telephone numbers. Nothing else. This allowed the media to blather on about the sheer audacity of a Republican administration to hire individuals associated with such groups as — horror of horrors! — the Federalist Society for career positions in the Civil Rights Division. The hypocrisy of this administration in undertaking trying to hide the same type of information is palpable.

In less politically correct times I would say that the Left’s Bush administration ideological tests in hiring Civil Rights Division lawyers is like the pot calling the kettle black … except for the small fact that the kettle wasn’t in fact black and the pot is. But now I can’t say that for fear of being called a racist.



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