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Light Blogging

Blogging has been light lately; we’ve been out of town on family business and I haven’t had much time. But rest assured (or troubled, as the case may be), I’ll get back up to speed shortly.

Credibility Gaps

From a San Francisco Chronicle editorial, “White House credibility gap on press coverage,” today: The White House communications operation has a credibility problem. On Thursday, key people in that office told The Chronicle in plain language that reporter Carla Marinucci would be banished as a pool reporter for future presidential visits because she shot video […]

Change! Hope!

Or is that Hope! Change? In any event, and despite the fact that I’m convinced inertia/doing nothing is usually the best policy, Change! is coming to DISCRIMINATIONS. Our Movable Type platform is about to be replaced by WordPress. If all goes well (and with John Walker, my blog host and all-purpose web guy, they usually […]

More Incredible (Or Maybe Not) Wash. Post Bias

If I had not provided a link in my post immediately below to the Washington Post’s biased or economically illiterate (or both) whole page headline a few days ago (“To some in GOP, ending a tax break is the same as a tax hike”), I’m sure many readers (if there are many readers) would think […]

The Washington Post: Anti-Republican Bias Or Economic Illiteracy?

If you read this front-page story in the Washington Post today, “No-tax-hike pledge creates Republican rift, potential roadblock to deficit deal,” it looks like normal WashPost anti-Republican fare — exaggerating what seems more like a difference in emphasis and negotiating positions into an alleged intra-party civil war, accompanied by a photo of Boehner and Mitch […]

Why Not Just Confiscate The Wealth Of “The Rich”?

Why not? Well, leaving aside such trifling concerns as law, morality, justice, fairness, etc, even confiscating the wealth of “The Rich” wouldn’t make a sizable dent in the deficit. “According to Internal Revenue Service data,” the Wall Street Journal reported today, the entire taxable income of everyone earning over $100,000 in 2008 was about $1.582 […]

More Startling News From Academia…

New Studies Show How Life’s Tough Turns Can Derail Students Now there’s a surprise….

I’m Sure There’s No Connection Between…

… Obama’s support among blacks slips unexpectedly, Hispanics too and Obama teams up with Al Sharpton in New York to woo African-American voters ahead of 2012 election If Sharpton, why not Farrakhan?

On Spending, Even Many Democrats Don’t Think Democrats Are Reasonable…

The Hill published some interesting poll results today. Its main finding — that “A plurality of likely voters believes Republicans have been more reasonable than Democrats in the negotiations over spending cuts” — is hardly surprising. After all, most voters aren’t stupid. But this struck me as quite interesting: A new poll conducted for The […]

Two Views Of Students As Customers

From Inside Higher Ed today, a report from Northeastern Illinois University of “a two-year anthropological inquiry into how today’s students do research.” The goal of such an approach is priming librarians to “see the library through the eyes of others,” [associate university librarian David] Green said. In other words, librarians who serve large Hispanic populations […]