Madness In Marin

HUD has found Marin County guilty of massive (but “preliminary”) “non-compliance” with anti-discrimination laws and regs. Yes, that Marin County, which admitted nothing but folded completely.

Is this a joke? That question is not rhetorical, but rather an invitation for you to read my article on Pajamas Media today, Marin County’s Minority Problem.


1. See Howard Nemerov’s excellent post on The Tattler, the new Pajamas Media blog.

2. See the comments on my article, some of which are priceless and, taken together, are much better than the article itself.

3. I received an email from someone who worked in the San Francisco HUD office discussed here who dates the obligation to “affirmatively further fair housing” to the “Clinton/Roberta Achenberg” era at HUD. I guess Clinton’s vaunted, fictitious “Mend it, Don’t end it” approach to affirmative action didn’t reach down to the depths of HUD, an agency described by my correspondent as “the grease for the slide the pork goes down.”

Say What?