Annals Of Democratic Hypocrisy


Press Release, House Democratic Caucus Newsroom:

A conservative advocacy group backed by the Koch brothers won a First Amendment victory this week denying California Attorney General Kamala Harris access to the names of conservative nonprofit members and contributors.

Harris, the California Attorney General and a Democratic candidate for outgoing Senator Barbara Boxer’s Senate seat, has been attempting to overturn post-Watergate reforms to the Internal Revenue Code designed to protect confidential federal tax return information by demanding access to the names of contributors to conservative nonprofits.


DNC Host Committee Can Keep Donors Secret—For Now
The list of donors for the committee hosting the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia does not need to be immediately released, a state judge has ruled, rejecting a suit that made an end run around federal election law.

Why Do So Many People Guffaw At The Pontifications Of Liberal Journalists?

If you want to know why so many people guffaw at the pontifications of liberal journalists, take at look at Todd Purdum’s fumbling attempt on Politico to explain “Why Can’t Hillary Stop Fudging The Truth?

Purdum’s answer: “Plainly put, Clinton herself has kept the issue alive over 25 years of public life, with long-winded, defensive, obfuscating answers to questions that – in politics, if not in law – cry out for a crisp yes or no reply.”

Plainly put, Purdum’s explanation is anything but “plainly put.” Nearly 7 in 10 people don’t think Hillary is dishonest because she gives “long-winded, defensive, obfuscating answers.” They think she’s dishonest because she repeatedly lies.

And they dismiss journalists like Purdum who write “long-winded, defensive, obfuscating” descriptions of that lying, euphemistically calling it “her willingness to be economical with the truth at times” or ever so gently calling it “fudging the truth” or “dissembling.” That last euphemism, however, must have been too strong for Purdum because he quickly added that “dissembling is not always a bad trait in a president.”

Many people, in short, think Hillary is a liar for the same reason they think many liberal journalists cover for her: because she is and they do.

A Multicultural Parody In Ann Arbor…

… Or it would be a parody if it weren’t all to real. See my post today on National Review Online’s Phi Beta Cons, “U-M Donor Retracts $3M Gift: Multicult Naming Guilt,” for a man-bites-dog story about a rich donor who withdrew his gift because his name would appear on the multicultural center he was […]

Transgender And The Transformation Of Civil Rights

I have a long (really long) essay today on Minding The Campus, “Transgender and the Transformation of Civil Rights.” Actually, its length notwithstanding, it’s only half an essay. The second half will be posted there in the next day or so. UPDATE (July 17) The second half has just appeared: “The Endless Muddle Of Transgender […]

Lynch Love

There are already demands that Loretta Lynch resign or be replaced as the nation’s top law (or is that love?) enforcement officer, after her recent outlandish comment in Orlando that “our most effective response to terror and hatred is compassion, unity and love.” But wait a minute. Maybe her comment is actually a much stronger condemnation […]

More Gender-bending Title IX Confusion From Obama Admin

Now the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights is requiring schools and colleges to increase the numbers of males and females in classes where members of their sex are “underrepresented.” But now that “male” and “female” are problematic, subject to interpretation, and “sex” means gender and gender is determined by one’s gender identity, exactly […]

New Entry, Liberal Devil’s Dictionary

“In several previous post’s,” I wrote here several years ago, “I have indicated an interest in updating Ambrose Bierce’s classic The Devil’s Dictionary. One of Bierce’s typical definitions, for those of you who are temporarily unfamiliar with him, was conservative, which he defined as ‘A statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from the Liberal, who wishes to […]

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