Jessie The IBM Rock Star!

According to Business Insider, based on information provided by IBM, daughter Jessie (aka Dr. Jessie) is one of “17 IBM rock star employees that show the company’s new direction.”

Obamacare Hits Campuses Hard

A short piece of mine on the damaging impact of Obamacare on college and university health plans appeared on Minding The Campus this morning. It has just been reprinted (redigitized?) in The Fiscal Times.

Historians Lament Their Lost Audience

Thomas Bender, a thoughtful and accomplished historian at New York University, published an interesting piece recently in the Chronicle of Higher Education attempting to explain why historians  have lost their public audience. I have an essay on Minding The Campus this morning in effect suggesting that his explanation amounts to looking where the light is good rather […]

Obama Hoist On His Own Canard

Obama continues to regard Republicans — and increasingly, the Congress as a whole — as a more ominous threat to all he holds dear (mainly his “legacy”) than the mullahs in Iran. Indeed, his fury at them is so unbounded that if it did not display his characteristic double standard it would have no standards […]

Is America Becoming More Christian, American Secular Jews More Jewish?

Instapundit links a new Rasmussen poll revealing that “America is still a strongly Christian nation” and adds: I wonder if it will become more, rather than less, that way? I was talking the other day to a fellow academic who said that he’s always been a near-agnostic Christmas-and-Easter kind of guy, but that lately, he’s feeling […]

Original Intent, Original Meaning, And Obamacare

I’ve written several times about two contrasting versions of originalism, “original intent” vs. “original meaning,” for the first time here: An overly simple (but I hope not inaccurate) way of illustrating this sometimes elusive distinction is to look at the debate over how to interpret the 8th Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment. An […]

Blacks Over-Represented On University Of Oklahoma …

… football and basketball teams. At the University of Oklahoma, Inside Higher Ed points out today, “Black men make up 61 percent of Oklahoma’s basketball and football teams, but only 2.7 percent of the university’s student population.” That shocking lack of “diversity” was pointed out in an article, “About Time,” attributing a good part of […]

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