One Looming Political Question Anwered!

Donna Brazile on CNN: “This time, Hillary will run as a woman.” (HatTip: RealClearPolitics)

Of course, that still leaves unanswered the question of what she ran as before.

Liberalism Continues To Abandon Its Past Principles

Writing in the Wall Street Journal today, Bret Stephens notes that ” The Democratic Party is on the cusp of abandoning the state of Israel. That’s a shame, though less for Israel than it is for the Democrats. The Democrats’ historic support for the Jewish state has always been what’s best about the party.”

So, the Democrats are abandoning one of the pillars of its past appeals to liberals? and throwing Israel under the bus? Is anyone surprised? In fact, are any of the pillars of its former liberal edifice still standing? So many former principles have been thrown under the bus that there are no longer enough buses go to around (perhaps because so many were contracted to transport the wave of “unexpected” minors who flooded the southwestern border a number of months before the flood arrived, a fact even could not deny).

For those who would like chapter and verse on other examples of liberals turning their backs on their past principles, see here and here.

Forget The Crusades, Etc. Obama Himself Uses Christ To Justify A Lie

Over on the Volokh Conspiracy Ilya Somin has some very astute “Reflections on Obama’s misrepresentation of his position on same-sex marriage,” referring to David Axelrod’s bombshell admission that in his campaign Obama routinely lied about his opposition to same sex marriage — what Time Magazine described as “A striking admission of political dishonesty from the […]

The Washington Post On Presidential Education: Double (Or No) Standards?

So, the Washington Post thinks that the college grades, etc., of Scott Walker, one of what seems like two or three dozen potential Republican presidential candidates, is worthy of a full-court press and exposé. We learn, for example, that before not graduating he received a D- in French. Quelle horreur! (At least if  he goes […]

New Study: Less Selective Law Schools Admit More Lower Qualified Applicants!

Yes. In case you were wondering, a new study — by Aaron Taylor, an assistant professor at the Saint Louis University Law School — really has determined, as the Chronicle of Higher Education‘s title of its article on the study puts it, that “Less-Prestigious Law Schools Enroll More Minority Students, Report Says.” “As expected,” Professor […]

An Amtrak Lesson About Obamacare

Today Helene and I took the train up to see our daughter Jessie, in Westchester County, New York. We left Charlottesville on Amtrak Train 176, the Northeast Regional, at 8:52 am right on time. It was scheduled to stop in New Rochelle at 3:47 with no changes — a short cab ride from where Jessie […]

Originalism, Same Sex Marriage, And Affirmative Action

[NOTE: This post has been UPDATED] I encourage readers to take a look at the enlightening debate taking place on the Volokh Conspiracy over whether there are valid originalist arguments supporting same sex marriage, i.e., supporting the view that laws restricting marriage to partners of the opposite sex violate the Fourteenth Amendment. Ilya Somin, supported by ace […]

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