Are Women Preferred Or Underrepresented In STEM?

Two influential Cornell psychology professors have hit the hornets’ nest housing academics concerned with the “underrepresentation” of women in STEM fields with a stick, arguing in recent research that in fact women are preferred 2-1 in hiring for assistant professor-level jobs. They have insisted in subsequent research, however, that this preference should not be viewed as a criticism of affirmative action, which they defend.

I invite you to take a look at my discussion of this heated if confusing controversy in a new essay on Minding the Campus, “Women Favored 2-to-1 in STEM Hiring.

Racial Profiling At The University Of Virginia

I invite you to take a look at my piece on National Review Online’s Phi Beta Cons this morning, “Racial Profiling at the University of Virginia.”

If it were a class assignment leading to a final exam question, that question would be something like, “Compare and contrast racial profiling by two state agencies.” But not to worry; there is no final.

Hillary’s Latest Email Contradiction

Yesterday I discussed Hillary’s latest lies. Last night Politico posted what it claims were “new inconsistencies” regarding how her private email setup mangled the facts and fueled lingering questions about how her team decided which messages to turn over to her former agency. One of Clinton’s assertions fell into doubt Friday as the State Department […]

Hillary Lies. So, What Else Is New?

In her Wall Street Journal column today Peggy Noonan asks, “Going in, the question about Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi Committee was: How will she come out? Would she emerge triumphant, bruised, stronger, exposed?” The answer, of course, is … all of the above. She emerged triumphant, stronger because she survived. She didn’t wilt. No […]

Trumping Liberal Arts

I posted “Trumping Liberal Arts” on National Review Online’s Phi Beta Cons earlier today. Here are its first and last (actually, its only) paragraphs: Most defenders of liberal arts argue that a liberal education engenders qualities of mind that create better citizens. And then there’s Colorado’s Democratic governor, John Hickenlooper. “Better liberal arts,” Hickenlooper recently explained, […]

OCR’s Princeton Whitewash

I encourage readers to take a look at my essay that just went up on Minding The Campus, “ADMISSIONS STACKED AGAINST ASIANS–IT’S OK WITH THE FEDS.”

And Now For Some Diversity Humor…

“The same venture-capital firm known for its involvement in a discrimination lawsuit filed by former employee Ellen Pao may have just found itself in hot water again,” Sally French begins her article on MarketWatch a few days ago. In hot water again? Perhaps Ms. French has forgotten that “Ellen Pao lost her gender discrimination lawsuit […]

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