Racial Discrimination By The University Of Virginia

Please see my “Short Take” on Minding The Campus, “Racial Discrimination By The University  Of Virginia.” Actually, I should have called it “More Racial Discrimination . . . ,” since it links an earlier piece of mine, “Is The University Of Virginia A Racial Scofflaw?

The current piece discusses the vastly different admission rates of black and white applicants for early admission.

Trump’s Theology Based On … Trump and Polls

Byron York asked Trump how he responded to Cruz callers telling Iowans that he had never asked God for forgiveness. Trump’s reply outlining the nature of his religious belief is fascinating, suggesting as it does perhaps the beginning of a new, unique American religion — Trumpianity:

Well, first of all, I’m a believer in a very big way. I went through my Sunday school, I’ve done everything that you’re supposed to do and that I love doing, and I feel really great about it. I think that the evangelicals have really taken to me, and I taken to them, and I’ve always taken to them. I’m doing very well with the evangelicals. In fact, nationwide, I’m leading by a substantial margin.

A Reform Of Piss-Poor Policing In New York City?

“Urinating and drinking in public,” Bloomberg News reports, “would no longer be treated as crimes under a package of bills New York’s City Council will consider to ease enforcement of quality-of-life offenses that lawmakers say clog the courts and have been disproportionately enforced against minorities.” The editorial board of the New York Times views this […]

Obama The Transformer: The Measure Of His Success

Obama famously set out to transform the country, and he may well have largely succeeded — from formerly a nation of laws to whatever we have now become (a nation of Executive Orders?). Simply cataloging the occasions where serious scholars believe he has exceeded his legitimate authority would require a list too long to blog, but anyone […]

Did Hillary Leak Ambassador Stevens’ Travel/Protection Plans?

The New York Post has a fascinating article today, “Hillary’s team copied intel off top-secret server to email,” that explains in detail the serious violations of security protocols, and law, engaged in by Hillary and her staff, but what strikes me as the explosive lede is buried in the fourteenth paragraph: Top Secret/SCI e-mails received […]

What Did Martin Luther King Say? What Did He Mean?

I first posted “Original Intent And Original Meaning (And Martin Luther King)” on King’s birthday in 2004, and reposted it on his birthday a number of times since then. Since it still seems relevant, and today was the national holiday in celebration of his birthday, I’m reposting it again. Anyone interested in following the contours of […]

Another Illegal “Diversity” Scheme At Michigan

“In my first year of graduate school at Yale,” I began my recent “Short Take” on Minding the Campus, back when the debate over admitting women to the college was still raging, a joke (or maybe it wasn’t) at that time was that the Old Yalies were perfectly willing for the college to go co-ed […]

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