Lame Defense Of Harvard … By Harvard’s Lawyer

See my new essay on Minding The Campus to find out “Why Harvard Needs Better Defense Lawyers.”


From Diverse Professors To Professors Of Diversity

Diversity mania is spreading, engulfing more and more of academia. See my recent essay at the James G. Martin Center on the outbreaks of this disease.

Stuart Taylor: Liberalism’s Poor Eyesight Causes Poor Insight

UPDATE 6 December As my final point below in my comments on Stuart Taylor’s excellent article I somewhat hesitantly suggested that any thorough discussion of the racial achievement gap — especially one, like Stuart’s, that correctly emphasized how universities and the major media avert their eyes and refuse to look at unpleasant data — should […]

Racism, Racialism, Racial Essentialism: Does Race By Any Other Name Smell Just As Sour?

In my last post, “‘Diversity’ Rests on Racialist Assumptions,” I linked an essay of mine that had just appeared on Minding The Campus. In the process of writing and revising that piece I had an interesting (at least to me) debate of sorts with good friends who share my interest in word usage (but not […]

“Diversity” Rests On Racialist Assumptions

Here are two facts about Maine: Most of it is designated as a Health Professional Shortage Area. According to the most recent census data, 1.6% of its residents are black. Given those two facts, you might think that a university in Maine dedicated to producing more health professionals to serve the state would not be […]

Liberals Choose Douglas Over Lincoln

In a typically impressive post on Power Line, Steven Hayward, summarizing his recent lecture at Yale, observes that “the popular leftist attack today on the American Founding and especially on the Declaration of Independence is ironically the exact same argument the southern defenders of slavery made in the 1850s.” Stephen Douglas explicitly argued that Jefferson […]

Mismatch: Richard Sander v. The University of California

Just when you thought it was safe to venture into the woods of higher eduction news (or, for that matter, any news) without stumbling over yet another analysis of Students For Fair Admissions v. Harvard College, now there’s another affirmative action lawsuit that may well become another blockbuster. UCLA law professor Richard Sander, co-author with […]

Where There’s A Will There’s … No Way

“… Trying To Stave Off The Stigma Of Affirmative Action”

San Diego State, Etc.

San Diego State University: The Depressing Face Of the Future Of “Diversity”?

The 20 Arguments For Discriminating Against Asians …

SFFA v. Harvard College: Biased Chronicle

SFFA v. Harvard College: Biased News Coverage

SFFA v. Harvard College: Testimony From The “Diverse”

The “Politics” Of Shooting Jews

SFFA v. Harvard College: Arcidiacono On The Stand II