The Supremes Allow States To Prohibit Discriination!

I have a short discussion of yesterday’s Schuette decision on Minding The Campus. The bottom line: all those believing states should have the right to prohibit racial and ethnic discrimination will be pleased with the result. Anyone who was hoping for a principled, coherent majority opinion (or liberal dissents that did not inhabit an alternate universe) will be sorely disappointed.

(Selectively) Celebrating LBJ and the Civil Rights Act

I have a short piece on Minding The Campus today, “Misremembering the Civil Rights Act of 1964,” that I encourage you to read. It discusses the hypocritical praise of Lyndon Johnson and the 1964 Civil Rights Act offered by presidents Obama, Clinton, and Carter, plus assorted civil rights luminaries, at a recent 50th Anniversary celebration at the LBJ Library of that Act’s passage.

I call your attention particularly to my comments about the 1964 Democratic Party platform and LBJ’s famous Howard University speech (“Freedom is not enough …” etc.), which, in my opinion, nearly everyone misinterprets as an early justification for race preference policies.

The Civil Rights Act was signed on July 2, 1964, and there will no doubt be many more 50th Anniversary celebrations misinterpreting it the same way our Democratic presidents have just shamelessly done.

Is Presidential Lying About Important Issues Important?

Apparently Democrats and liberals do not think presidential lying is very important. Consider the following results taken from an April 16 Fox News poll: 26. How often do you think Barack Obama lies to the country on important matters?                    Total   Dem   Rep   White […]

Identity, Rights, Politics: Group Or Individual?

Critics of affirmative action have long pointed out — and even supporters agree — that it is based on the notion of group rights, on the notion that it is legitimate to impose burdens on some individuals because of their race or ethnicity in order to provide benefits to others because of their membership in […]

Palestinians Oppose Empathy

From the Washington Post on Saturday: JERUSALEM — Professor Mohammed S. Dajani took 27 Palestinian college students to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland a few weeks ago as part of a project designed to teach empathy and tolerance. Upon his return, his university disowned the trip, his fellow Palestinians branded him a traitor […]

The EEOC Loses Again, Release 2.0

In this recent post I linked the Daily Caller‘s report that Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals had just ruled against the EEOC, calling it “hypocritical” for “for using the same type of background check that the EEOC itself uses.” Now comes Roger Clegg, noting that the “Pacific Legal Foundation … filed an excellent amicus brief […]

Asians Derail Affirmative Action In California

[NOTE: This post was UPDATED 15 April] As I wrote  a couple of weeks ago in “Storm Clouds Obstruct The Rainbow Coalition,” [s]tudents of affirmative action have long known — I have discussed some of the most striking evidence here — that Asians, not whites, are the primary victims of affirmative action college admissions. Indeed, one of […]

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