Washington State: Another Attempt To Revive Affirmative Action

Even readers with short memories will recall that Minding The Campus published my three essays covering the duplicitous attempt of Washington State Democrats to bring back affirmative action, which had been prohibited in a 1998 referendum. But in case anyone has forgotten:

A Duplicitous Attempt to Rescue Affirmative Action

Washington State Voters Reject Affirmative Action, Again

Tricking Voters to Accept Racial Preferences

How do you think the Washington State Democrats responded to their defeat? If you guessed by ignoring it, you’re right. My new piece that just went up on City Journal,Preferences By Any Other Name,” describes how they are trying to do precisely what the voters told them they were prohibited from doing.



Politicized History

I have a new rather long essay on Minding The Campus, “Playing Politics With History,” that I invite — no, encourage — you to see. I often describe myself as a lapsed historian, and writing this reminded me of some old times.

One of those times is described in the second half, or perhaps last two thirds, of my old post, “Wiener Roast.” At the risk of urging too much history of historians on you, that post provides some good background to my current essay.

The New Yorker Discards “Diversity,” Embraces Discrimination

I encourage readers to take a look at a new article (because the article is quite long, it will have to be a long look)  in The New Yorker by Louis Menand defending affirmative action. I will have more — probably much more — to say about it presently, but at the moment I am […]

Campus Follies I

Folly, noun: lack of good sense; foolishness…. I’ve numbered this post “Campus Follies I” because, for some reason, I have a feeling more examples will follow. In any event, Inside Higher Ed reports this morning that Iowa State University has adopted a policy prohibiting writing messages in chalk on campus sidewalks because, say the policy’s defenders, […]

Virginia Turning Blue

No, it’s not what you think. Take a look at this map. According to the Virginia Citizens Defense League, the blue counties below have passed Second Amendment sanctuary provisions, with more on the way. To date, there are 93 Second Amendment Sanctuary counties, cities, and towns. A complete list of them, and a list of […]

Lessons From Washington State

I have, or will have shortly, an essay on Minding The Campus on the lessons of last week’s vote in Washington state rejecting affirmative action — more accurately, rejecting the attempt to repeal the state’s 1998 prohibition of affirmative action — that I initially discussed two weeks ago in A Duplicitous Attempt to Rescue Affirmative […]

Washington Referendum 88: Incomplete Results

[NOTE: Numbers revised since original posting earlier today because 1) the official vote totals were updated this afternoon, and 2) that well-known arithmetic wizard, Roger Clegg, corrected a faulty assumption that had, somehow, crept into my work.] As of the latest revision (1:06 pm this afternoon) of the official returns of the Washington state vote […]

EXTRA! EXTRA! Washington Rejects Racial Preference!

A Duplicitous Attempt To Rescue Racial Preference

Harvard Won. Fairness Lost. Release 2.0

Harvard Won. Fairness Lost

More On Making Physics “Welcoming”

Doing Physics While Black

An Ill Wind At Stanford

Charlottesville Still Roiled By Race

Virginia Democrats: There They Go Again

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